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Where attention to detail meets deeply personalized style.

Our process is designed for very busy people–those who love efficiency and don’t love surprises. Flat fees, innovative use of tech, and personalization at every step.

Liz Potarazu Lp And Co Interior Designer

Life is too short to live in black and white.

Every comfort zone needs a nudge. Reach new heights in your home’s style with unexpected inspiration, color, and customization.

A Few (Hundred) Less Things On Your To-Do List:

Lp And Co Interior Design

Scheduling and handling all contractors. We’re there so you don’t have to be.

Lp And Co Interior Design2

Every detail of custom cabinetry (from charging stations to hinges).

Lp And Co Interior Design3

Creating space for everything you need. And some things you just want.

Lp And Co Interior Design4

Sourcing the most high-quality, low-maintenance products—things that last.

Lp And Co Interior Design5

Handling the unexpected complexities of paint, from undertone to durability.

And so much more…

“I put rockets into space and attention to detail is very important to me. On a scale from 1-10…they’re at 100 on attention to detail.”

– Ramu / Residential Design / Potomac, MD

“I can just run the company instead of managing all of these vendors and tasks. It makes life so much easier.”

– Anton / Office Design / Potomac, MD

Let’s Talk About Investment

Let’s Talk About Investment

INSTANT GRATIFICATIONLet’s Talk About Investment

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