A well-appointed, well-designed space increases your energy, makes you more productive, and quite literally elevates your quality of life.

LP & Co is here to craft that kind of space, with an eye for detail and a knack for pushing you outside your comfort zone—while always staying true to your vision. We bring your style to life without the accompanying headache.

CEO and Principal DesignerLiz Potarazu

Aliases: Straight Shooter, Comfort-Zone Expander, Personalization Perfectionist

About Liz Lp And Co Interior Designer

WHO: With an eagle-eye for detail and a wealth of unexpected inspiration, Liz believes your home’s design should fit your lifestyle and reflect who you are. The result? Bold, functional interiors that bring your personality to life.

HOW: Liz has a background in corporate marketing and uses an MBA-informed business strategy–so there’s no nonsense involved. And yes, it is a lot of fun.

WHAT: Based in Potomac, Maryland, LP & Co provides on-site full-service interior and office design to clients in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. And we’re not limited by location–see our services page to discover how we work with non-local clients.

Liz says:

Call me for a free, fifteen-minute consultation to begin crafting your vision.

Don’t call me a girl boss. Enough said.