How We Figure Out Your Style (Even When You Don’t Quite Know What It Is)

How We Figure Out Your Style (Even When You Don’t Quite Know What It Is)

When we get a design inquiry, we often hear, “I don’t know what my style is, but when I see it, I know what I like.”

To some, this can be frustrating, but to us, it’s an opportunity! An opportunity to discover and uncover each client’s unique style—one that’s deeply personal to them—which is the goal of our work at LP & Co. We create personalized interiors that reflect YOU.

Liz Potarazu, CEO & Principal Designer at LP & Co., explains a three-pronged approach to style discovery

What are examples of interior design styles?

There are many design styles out there, both current and historical. Some popular styles of the moment are mid-century modern, organic modern, modern farmhouse, and maximalist. But often our clients aren’t familiar with the names of those styles or they don’t fall into one category.

At the end of the day, whatever you call your style isn’t important—what is important is how you want to feel in your space.

→ Mid-Century Modern

Nate Berkus Ad Midcentury Modern Interior Design
Designer: Nate Berkus / Courtesy of Architectural Digest

→ Organic Modern

Organic Modern Interior Design Sean Anderson Design
Designer: Sean Anderson Design / Photography: Haris Kenjar

→ Maximalist

Jeweled Interiors Maximalist Interior Design Style
Designer: Jeweled Interiors

How can I figure out my interior design style?

To figure out your interior design style, we walk through a series of exercises together.

1. During our initial design consultation, we walk your current spaces together so we can gather a sense of what you have already purchased or collected over the years.

2. You fill out a design questionnaire (it’s quick, I promise!). This questionnaire is meant to hone in on likes and dislikes when it comes to furniture, fabrics, decor and art.

3. We create a private Pinterest board where you can pin inspiration images for us to analyze. We ask you to not only pin rooms or furniture pieces you love, but also images of places you’ve visited or want to visit, or even fashion that inspires you.

Looking at all of these elements together helps us determine your style, what you will love, what will bring you joy and what will feel deeply personal to you.

Ready to get started figuring out your style?

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