How to Break Your Interior Design Habits (and Why You Should)

How to Break Your Interior Design Habits (and Why You Should)

We are creatures of habit.

We wake up at the same time, we eat the same foods, we exercise (or don’t) and unfortunately, we often decorate our homes out of habit. We go to the same retail stores or scour the big box internet retailers for furniture and decor.

Often what we’re buying are versions of what we’ve had before or replicas of what we saw on an influencer’s Instagram page.

Liz Potarazu, CEO & Principal Designer at LP & Co., opines on the three most common interior design habits she sees in her business

Common Interior Design Habits

1. Only Shopping at Big Box Retailers

While I applaud Ethan Allen, Arhaus, and Restoration Hardware for their success in curating pieces that people love, the truth is that everything they carry is meant for the masses. If you want a home that feels unique and feels entirely like YOU, you need the ability to customize, to personalize.

You need fabrics and decor that speak to your soul, that remind you of your amazing trips and experiences and your favorite people. And no shade, but I don’t think Pottery Barn will do that for you.

Good Interior Design Habits Lp And Co
Interior Design: LP & Co. / Photography: Angela Newton Roy / Styling: Limonata Creative

This project features a truly personalized sitting room—the custom window treatments, pillows, rug, and Chesterfield sofa pair well with to-the-trade-only furnishings and the client’s own art.

2. Buying Inexpensive Furniture Just to Have Something

This is the biggest plague of my generation (I’m a millennial)! We have gotten so used to instant gratification from Amazon and Wayfair that we haven’t stopped to think about the real cost of these items.

While the price is cheap and the shipping is fast, the data shows* that it’s going to end up in the landfill in a couple of years, not great for the environment OR your wallet. These pieces don’t move with us as we move homes and they certainly won’t be in good shape to pass down to our children.

Investing in quality furniture and taking the time to wait for the right piece, not just the “right now” piece, is so important.

Did you know? Each year, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture, an increase of 450% since 1960, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fast Furniture Interior Design Habits Lp And Co
Image Courtesy of Forti Goods

3. Not Considering the Rest of the Home

We often design one room at a time. We don’t consider how finishes, textures, fabrics, and colors will carry over from room to room, making the entire home feel cohesive, curated, and lived in.

Lp And Co Interior Design Habits
Interior Design: LP & Co. / Photography: Angela Newton Roy / Styling: Limonata Creative

In this addition and renovation project in Potomac, MD, we created cohesion between the kitchen and dining room through the use of color and texture. Notice the backsplash with elements of gold and green that tie perfectly to the green walls and gold chandelier of the adjacent dining room.

These elements are also found within the rest of the home, creating a curated, intentional and personalized interior.

How can I break my design habits?

The best way to break your interior design habits is to hire an interior designer. We have access to thousands of makers, both big and small, that allow for custom, quality pieces of furniture that will be meaningful and functional for you and your family, now and for years to come.

Ready to get started?

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