The Secret to Well-Designed Zoom Background Decor

The Secret to Well-Designed Zoom Background Decor

While the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 might be a distant memory (it feels like a million years ago!, but also yesterday?), the way we conducted business during that time has changed the landscape of business operations forever. The popularity and use of Zoom, WebEx and Skype skyrocketed during the pandemic. And with that came a whole host of issues for people using video conferencing platforms. We saw virtual backgrounds that were clearly fake, sheets hanging from doors or closets, kitchen appliances, kids rooms, unfinished basements…truly the good, the bad, and the VERY ugly. But for better or worse, working remotely isn’t going anywhere. 

So how do we create a well-designed professional Zoom background?

Here are a few tips to keep your background looking fresh, clean and beautiful.

1. Keep it Simple

Often the best video background is a solid color. While I have some of my favorites, you should always consider your own personal skin tone. Fairer? Choose a darker color. Skin has more pigment? Consider a lighter color. We like to layer the simplicity of a single color with interesting moldings or wainscoting. 

Check out this custom Zoom backdrop for our interior design client in Potomac, MD. These doors close shut to hide the clutter and provide an elegant video backdrop.

Zoom Background Green Cabinetry
Source: LP & Co. / Photography: Angela Newton Roy / Styling: Limonata Creative

2. Clear the Clutter

The picture above is also a perfect example of clearing the clutter. Having a space for everything allows your meeting participants to focus on the topic at hand, not what’s happening in the background behind you.

3. Consider Art

Larger scale art pieces are a beautiful way to add visual interest to your Zoom backgrounds and create a purposeful backdrop.

This basement office in Potomac, MD didn’t provide much light, but with a large scale piece of art in airy hues, it looks elegant and professional.

Zoom Background Large Art
Source: LP & Co. / Photography: Angela Newton Roy / Styling Consultant: Limonata Creative

4. Bring the Outdoors In With Plants

Fast Company, the go-to source for anything work-related, suggests adding plants. They improve oxygen levels throughout the home and generally make you happier. Facts.

Zoom Background With Plants
Image courtesy of The Sill

Need some help designing a professional Zoom background? We’re happy to help! Reach out to get started.

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